Former BBG chairmen in the news.

Posted: 26 Dec 2009   Print   Send a link
"In April, Obama gave his big nonproliferation speech in Prague. Now, almost nine months later, Czechs are wondering, where is their U.S. ambassador? Obama has yet to nominate former cable executive and Broadcasting Board of Governors member Marc Nathanson as expected for the Prague envoy job — or anyone else." Laura Rozen, Politico, 21 December 2009. Was BBG chairman 1995-2002.
     "The George W. Bush Institute -- the 'action-oriented think tank' that is part of Bush's Presidential Center -- will co-produce a public television show hosted by its executive director, Ambassador James Glassman, in a rare convergence of public broadcasting and a partisan research organization." Danny Shea, Huffington Post, 22 December 2009. Was BBG chairman in 2007.