The continuing debate about Europropaganda.

Posted: 29 Aug 2009   Print   Send a link
A report by Swedish think tank Timbro "bashes all kinds of European initiatives, including the 'Together since 1957' slogan campaign ... and several media related projects such as Euranet (the European Radio Network), EUTube, EuroparlTV, and last but not least, Euronews. ... [European Commissioner for Communication, Margot] Wallstrom’s response was on the surface quite dismissive, with a blog post entitled ‘The silly season’, yet dwelled on the report quite deeply, giving both some adequate and some insufficient responses. ... And so the endless debate between what is information and what is propaganda sets in, with Timbro and Open Europe suggesting that everything coming out of EU institutions and their funded projects is propaganda, and the other end saying that it is simply information. In our historically charged societies, propaganda is a negative term. What DG Communication is doing, is providing a public service. The messages are indeed politically charged, as they carry a pro-European message, but as much as I welcome dialogue with people who are anti-Europe, the way forward is unity and growth. And if one country gathers a majority of naysayers, then the country is welcome to withdraw. Projects such as Euronews, Euranet, Presseurop, EuroparlTV are needed." Editor's Notes, New Europe, 23 August 2009. See previous post about same subject.