Remembering Ted Kennedy, and VOA, in 1978 USSR.

Posted: 29 Aug 2009   Print   Send a link
The family of Boris Katz was allowed to leave the Soviet Union in 1978 with the help of Senator Edward Kennedy. "At first, Katz said, he didn't believe him, sure that the Soviet authorities would find a way to scupper the plans. Katz went home and told his wife, who also didn't believe it, he said. The next morning, a friend called Katz to say he heard Kennedy on the Voice of America radio network listing the names of people leaving the Soviet Union. The Katz family was on the list, the friend said. Despite the report, however, the Soviet authorities denied it, Katz recalls. '"We are telling you that this is not the case,"' he remembers them saying. 'But this was just part of the game that they played.'" CNN, 26 August 2009.
     "I remember the first days after the [1986] Chernobyl disaster well. I wasn’t living in Kiev then, but wanted to visit my relatives for the May 1st holidays. ... Panic was already wandering the city streets, everyone was picking up [Radio] Svoboda and Voice of America, buying up red wine by the case. ... Were there a different society, then journalists would appear. But in order for this to happen, Russia’s citizens must themselves feel the necessity for honest journalism, which thinks about them, and not the authorities." Vitaly Portnikov,, via The Other Russia, 25 August 2009.