VOA Hindi, Craotian, and Greek would be eliminated in 2010 federal budget.

Posted: 08 May 2009   Print   Send a link
"The 2010 Budget proposal would eliminate VOA Hindi, Croatian, and Greek language broadcasts and close a finance office located in Paris. While the overall funding level for VOA is increasing from 2009, the administration says, funding related to these language services within VOA will be reduced from about $3 million to $1 million." Federal Eye, Washington Post, 7 May 2009. Would RFE/RL Croatian continue? Update: I've been reminded that RFE/RL dropped Croatian "years ago." Its Serbian and Montenegrin services continue.
     "Cutting some VOA languages and closing a VOA finance ofice in Paris is a worthy start but not nearly as effective as ceasing the entire VOA operations and merging the many similar organiz[a]tions into a one more effective entity. VOA, Radio Marti, Radio Farda, Radio Free Europe, VOA-TV, and others have served a useful need but now are only competing organizations whose effecti[ve]ness has diminished. Much more effective would be an NPR like operation world-wide for Americans living overseas, much like BBC world service. And, let the rest of the world listen in if they want to know what America thinks. NPR and PRi could then and should be broadcast via the Internet, Satellite TV, local AM and FM facilities, and short-wave to all of the world. Portions of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and others could and should also be included. But we do not need the bloated bureaucracy of the VOA or any of its bedfellows to continue." ghp60 comment to ibid. See previous post about same subject.