Just like the old Happy Station show, but different station, different country, different continent, different host.

Posted: 20 Feb 2009   Print   Send a link
"After an almost 15 year absence on the shortwave dial The Happy Station Show returns this March. The Happy Station is one the longest running shows ever on shortwave. In March of 1927 when Philips Radio started broadcasts over station PCJJ as a way to reach the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). ... The Happy Station Show was canceled [by Radio Netherlands] in 1995. ... The new Happy Station host will be Keith Perron a Canadian broadcaster who has been based in Asia for almost 10 years. ... [It] will be based in Taipei, Taiwan and will be distributed using many different channels and all aspects of technology, new and old to bring the show to the audience. The first will be shortwave on the frequency of 9955 kHz via WRMI (Radio Miami International) for listeners in North and South America." Press release via Shortwave Central, 17 February 2009. Interestingly not reported at the Radio Netherlands Media Network Weblog.