Praise and suggestions for Alhurra.

Posted: 31 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
Host of weekly program on Alhurra is very upbeat about Alhurra. "Curious, open-minded, eager-to-know Arabs are America’s natural allies in the ideological contest against Islamic extremism. Done right, Al Hurra could connect with them -- individually, on a daily basis -- in a way not possible for any other public diplomacy initiative." Robert Satloff, Weekly Standard, 6 November 2006. "We ought to use our television station in the Middle East, al-Hurra, to broadcast pictures of what’s happening in Darfur, so the Arab world knows this is a humanitarian crisis for Muslims." Princeton N. Lyman, Council on Foreign Relations, 26 October 2006. And, coincidentally(?): "The United States could put video footage (I'd supply some) of Darfur atrocities on its Arabic-language satellite television station, Al Hurra." Nicholas D. Kristoff, Arizona Daily Star, 31 October 2006. As a news organization, Alhurra has probably done this already, with being instructed to do so by policy officials.