Public diplomacy from and to Iran.

Posted: 31 Oct 2006

"Iran's public diplomacy - of trying to convince the world that it is being penalized for standing up to US power in the Middle East - has not altogether fallen on deaf ears, as can be seen in recent commentaries in the Arab press. These include an article in Beirut's Daily Star making the case that it is Iran's 'growing power' that is behind the present Western hostilities." Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Asia Times Online, 1 November 2006. "It is preposterous to imagine that (the United States) can mount a successful public diplomacy campaign directed at the Iranian people while at the same time sanctioning them economically. The latter will produce the very anti-American resentment and swelling of stubborn nationalistic feeling the former is designed to counter." DanK, America Abroad blog, TPM Cafe, 30 October 2006.

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