And when there are twenty trendy web platforms, journalists will collapse from exhaustion.

Posted: 27 Dec 2008   Print   Send a link
At a UN panel on 4 December, Sarah Brown, senior journalist at Al Jazeera English "pointed to the fact that recent studies had indicated that the amount of time spent by the average consumer watching television was slowing as more and more people looked to the Internet for their viewing needs. She described the use of new media by Al Jazeera including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to try to improve its audience reach and get its material to as many different people as possible. Ms. Brown stressed that she saw her role as a journalist as being able to utilise all of these networks whenever a story broke, in order to monitor and gather information, and ultimately filter that information in a coherent manner that also reflected her station’s news agenda." MaximsNews Network, 27 December 2008.