Azerbaijan's foreign radio ban postponed?

Posted: 26 Dec 2008

"A group of experts representing the Council of Broadcasting of Radio Stations 'Voice of America' and 'Liberty' [RFE/RL] can visit Azerbaijan next year. ... Earlier the American party discussed in Azerbaijan the matter of broadcasting of foreign radio channels with the NBCA reps and the Azerbaijani government. The American side applied with statement not to stop broadcasting of the stations on 31 December as it was announced earlier but continue it and thereby create conditions for further working out of the issue.", 25 December 2008.
     "The U.S. Embassy to Azerbaijan, Head of the Public Relations Department Mr. Terry Davidson said the version of broadcasting 'Liberty' and 'The Voice of America' radio stations via Internet and satellite is not acceptable. 'Internet and satellite communications are not widely used by population and hence such kind of broadcasting might decrease number of listeners. We will share our opinion with the Azerbaijani Government and hope they will understand us,' Mr. Davidson said.", 26 December 2008. See previous post about same subject.

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