Fernandez fallout

Posted: 30 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
"Why was (Alberto) Fernandez appearing on the terrorist network, anyway? Has al-Jazeera run out of live feeds of al Qaeda beheadings of Americans? Are its replays of Osama's tiresome speeches no longer a ratings smash? ... Fernandez has no business directing public diplomacy - or taking any public role - in any area of the State Department. In fact, he probably has no business being with the State Department at all." Editorial, New York Post, 28 October 2006. "The backlash over Fernandez' comments could have a chilling effect on other Arabic speakers who may want to work in U.S. public diplomacy. 'If it means someone's career, why take the chance?'" AP, 28 October 2006. "Alberto Fernandez is no ordinary State Department functionary. To millions of Middle East Arabs, the Arabic-speaking Fernandez - one of very few in the State Department - has become the voice of American policy in the neighborhood." William Fisher, Scoop, 27 October 2006. See previous post about the Alberto Fernandez incident.