Calling North Korea, intensively.

Posted: 18 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
"Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Yoshihide Suga is considering ordering NHK to broadcast intensively on international shortwave radio information about the abduction issue." Daily Yomiuri, 17 October 2006. "The Broadcasting Board of Governors recently cited surveys from 2003 and 2004 that found 28 to 31 percent of North Korean refugees had listened to the Voice of America, and 18 percent had listened to Radio Free Asia. They did so despite facing severe repercussions if caught." Joshua Stanton, Washington Post guest blog, 13 October 2006. "Defectors tell of North Koreans huddling alone under thick blankets to listen to radios smuggled in from China or North Korean ones they've tinkered with to get South Korean or international broadcasts." McClatchy Newspapers, 13 October 2006. Reporters sans frontières condemns "threats by North Korea’s officials against the independent radio stations based in South Korea or the United States that broadcast programmes for the North Korean population." RSF, 17 October 2006.