VOA election news.

Posted: 28 Sep 2008   Print   Send a link
"Of course FOX News, CNN and the rest will be all over the debates like big dogs. But so will one network that will translate Mr. Biden and Mrs. Palin into Urdu and Hindi, among other things. 'The 2008 presidential election is generating intense interest around the world,' said Danforth W. Austin, director of Voice of America, which will carry the debates live to a potentially humongous global audience. 'VOA — reaching about 134 million people in 45 languages — is uniquely poised to explain to its audiences the differences and similarities in the candidates' foreign policy positions,' Mr. Austin said." Washington Times, 28 September 2008. But with VOA Hindi radio ending on 30 September, how will the debate translated into Hindi reach India? Actually, I think there will be coverage on the VOA Hindi website, rather than simultaneous translation.
     Sergei S. in Illinois and Glenn Hauser in Oklahoma heard VOA live coverage of the 26 September (UTC 27 September) presidential debate with good reception on unpublicized shortwave frequencies, presumably via Greenville NC. The frequencies went off abruptly at 0200, even though the debate continued. DX Listening Digest, 27 September 2008.
     Blogger complains that one of his posts brought a response publicizing VOA election coverage. He says that it was not only spam, but spam "offshored" to India. Steve Miller's Blog, 25 September 2008.