DW Chinese controversy continues to simmer (updated).

Posted: 10 Nov 2008   Print   Send a link
"Zhang Danhong, vice director of the Chinese Department of Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) recently created an uproar when she openly defended the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since Zhang’s speech, several Chinese scholars have carefully monitored Voice of Germany (VoG), including content from its China broadcasting division and Web site. When the German Parliament recently reconvened after their summer recess, eight Chinese scholars representing various China democracy organizations wrote an open letter to the Parliament recommending complete reorganization of Voice of Germany’s Chinese Department. ... On September 19, 2008, the German newsweekly Der Spiegel published the Chinese scholars’ open letter to the German Parliament. Der Spiegel suggested that Voice of Germany needs to investigate whether its Chinese Department has provided space for the CCP’s propaganda purposes." Epoch Times, 25 eptember 2008. See also Der Spiegel on 19 September and 24 September 2008. See previous post about same subject.
     Update: Letter to DW refers to another letter to DW about the subject. Epoch Times, 10 November 2008. Maybe I missed something, but this matter is now beyond my comprehension.