BBC will launch a Farsi television service.

Posted: 12 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
But not until 2008. It will initially transmit at 17.00 to 01.00 Iran time. BBC World Service press release, 10 October 2006. "The £15m-a-year ... (f)unding, from the Foreign Office, will be on top of the grant-in-aid sum paid each year to the BBC World Service." BBC News, 10 October 2006. The press release states that this launch will "make the BBC the only tri-media international news provider offering Farsi language news and current affairs on television, radio and online." Actually, VOA Persian has been tri-media (radio, television, internet) for years. It's interesting that BBC will refer to the service as "Farsi," as the BBC World Service radio counterpart has always been "Persian," serving both Farsi and Dari speakers. VOA's equivalent service was traditionally referred to as "Farsi," but became Persian in recent years. The BBC press release (not suprisingly) and the BBC news report (somewhat disappointingly) leave out any reference to the difficulties of transmitting television into Iran, where satellite dishes are confiscated and satellite signals are jammed. "Iran has officially complained to BBC over a World Service report that falsely claimed Tehran was happy about North Korea's recent nuclear test." IRNA, 11 October 2006. VOA "adds a fourth hour of daily Persian-language television broadcasts to Iran." VOA press release, 6 October 2006.