Expert says Alhurra focuses on positive stories of American Arabs, and we have to fight Arab criticism that it is impartial. Or should that be partial? Well, you read it...

Posted: 04 Oct 2006

"The television station Al Hurra (the Free One) is a noteworthy attempt by America to counter the extremist media assault. Reminiscent of Voice of America, it is a 24-hour-a-day Arab television station created for a Middle Eastern audience. Al Hurra's primary message is freedom and democracy, and it focuses on positive news stories of American Arabs. The United States should continue to develop this effort and find ways to counter Arab criticisms that label Al Hurra as impartial [sic] and untrustworthy due to its American influence." Raymond L. Bingham, U.S. Army Professional Writing Collection, Autumn 2006.

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