BBC criticized for having dropped its Thai Service (updated).

Posted: 01 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
A BBC spokesperson said "Thais would not be able to listen to the service even it if was still operation because it was heard through partner stations that have now been closed down." The Telegraph, 25 September 2006. The spokesperson did not consider shortwave? Bush administration "concerned" about media restrictions in Thailand, according to U.S. public diplomacy website, 25 September 2006. Update: "When the BBC closed down its Thai service in March 2006, World Service Managing Director Nigel Chapman justified the decision by saying that 'its dedicated journalists have seen Thailand emerge as an Asian democracy with an extensive choice of radio and television outlets.' That statement struck me as strange at the time, coming as if did after a series of news reports showing that all was far from well with press freedom in Thailand." Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands Media Network, 29 September 2006.