The assembly line of pro-Tomlinson columns (updated).

Posted: 04 Oct 2006

"I left (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) because International Broadcasting is my life -- has been for over 25 years. In the end, I didn’t want to fight at CPB because my fight is to preserve my traditional leadership role in international broadcasting." BBG chairman Kenneth Tomlinson, quoted by Stephen Spruiell, National Review Online, 28 September 2006. "Government bureaucrats do not like to be told what to do by their bosses, especially something new, even though their political leaders clearly have the legal authority and responsibility to direct them." Donald Devine, Washington Times, 23 September 2006. "Tomlinson was found guilty of using his email for private communications, particularly to his horse stable. Those averaged probably one a day. What government worker doesn't do that routinely?" Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard, 2 October 2006. See previous post about Tomlinson.

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