Comments on the Radio/TV Martí journalist pay controversy (updated).

Posted: 01 Oct 2006   Print   Send a link
"To hide behind two unnamed ethics experts and compare the case to that of Armstrong Williams is outrageous." Miami Herald, 25 September 2006. See previous post on this subject. Meanwhile, Cuba's Granma claims that the press freedom organization Reporters sans Frontières, "the French organization virtually created to attack Cuba ... is ... closely linked to Radio Martí." Granma Internacional, 25 September 2006. Update: "Latino journalists are concerned that a scandal at the Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Herald in Miami could have serious negative effects on the image of Hispanic media nationally." New American Media, 27 September 2006. "Now we find out that the U.S. government-run stations are actually running a charity for needy journalists, at least 10 of whom have been paid to appear on their programs. Some people might call this corrupting the press; I call it compassionate conservatism." Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald, 29 September 2006 The last thing journalists need is for skeptics to wonder about the source of a reporter's paycheck. Readers of the two Miami newspapers involved should be relieved. Lou Gelfand, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1 October 2006.