Kenya: newest chapter of hate radio?

Posted: 28 Jan 2008   Print   Send a link
"In a chilling echo of Rwanda's genocidal Radio Milles Collines, media monitors said that programmes and songs played on Kenyan local language stations helped incite tribal killings. ... National broadcasters in English and Kiswahili have been praised for even-handed election reporting and peace-building efforts since fighting broke out. But attention is now focusing on smaller local-language stations serving different tribes, such as Kass FM for the Kalenjins, Lake Victoria for the Luos and the Kikuyu Kameme and Iroono. Presenters running phone-in shows allowed their callers to rant unchecked, Mr Mucheke said, using obscure metaphors to signify to other tribes and provoke retaliation." The Telegraph, 27 January 2008.