BBCWS 75: "Making News" compares a day of BBC World, CNN, and Aljazeera.

Posted: 21 Dec 2007

"The World Service is way past 40. It's turning 75, though it isn't making a Radio 1-style fuss. Its idea of celebration is to broadcast a set of programmes around the theme of freedom of information. Making News, on Monday, looked at rolling news on TV, checking out BBC World News, CNN and Al Jazeera on a typical 24 hours: 30 October 2007. 'Not exactly an inspiring day,' according to the BBC World hack. And this wasn't exactly an inspiring programme, until 12 minutes in, when Allan Little talked to an Indian academic. He told us that the very format of 24-hour news favours certain kinds of news narrative, specifically the Middle East. The resources and the cameras are there, because America is involved: thus we get every detail. Whereas in the Congo, as an FT journo pointed out, three million people have died, 'and it largely passed unreported'. Exactly why we need the World Service. We should cherish it more than we do." Miranda Sawyer, The Observer, 16 December 2007. Listen via the Making News web page. "Journalists speak about freedom" in four other BBCWS anniversary programs. Other "Free to Speak" events and programs.

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