Doesn't mention that Uzbekistan is so advanced that it can block proxy websites.

Posted: 05 Dec 2007

The Washington Post, 5 December, contains a two-page ad for Uzbekistan: "A New Country Emerged... A Rising Economic Miracle." Unladen by the voluminous fine print characteristic of newspaper ads purchased by other countries, this one feature color photos and 17 bullet points, including "45% GDP growth over past 3 years," "Supported by a modern infrastuture with extensive transportation systems, modern telecommunications networks, and a world-class airline," "Literacy at 99%." Websites listed at the bottom are,,, and The sponsor of the ad appears to be Oxus Gold,, "a UK based international mining group with gold mining interests in Central Asia. Oxus is the joint owner (50/50) with the government of Uzbekistan of Amantaytau Goldfields." See previous post about Uzbekistan.

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