DRM approved for use in shortwave tropical bands.

Posted: 30 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
The ITU's World Radiocommunication Conference, which ended 16 November, approved the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)for use in the "tropical" shortwave bands between 3200 and 5900 kHz. DRM Consortium press release, 27 November 2007. This is an interesting development. Reception of DRM often is problematic in the long-distance circuits of the international shortwave broadcast bands above 5900 kHz. The tropical bands are generally used for domestic or regional short-haul circuits. DRM will probably prove more reliable over such distances and on such frequencies. And DRM could provide a "poor man's FM" for listeners in remote areas of some countries. The segments involved are the 90-meter tropical broadcast band, 3200-3400 kHz, and the 60-meter band, 4750-4995 kHz. The 120-meter band, 2300-2498 kHz, was not mentioned, perhaps it falls just under the high-frequency (HF) range, 3-30 MHz. But DRM would be useful in this band, as well.