As Karen Hughes makes her way to the door...

Posted: 29 Nov 2007

"Hughes and Co. have posted a State Department blog ( where any interested party can exchange views with various State officials. This constitutes a proactive exchange. Efforts like this constitute the State Department’s first foray into public-to-public diplomacy. By allowing the conversations to be public and open for engagement, Hughes and the State Department have taken an important step toward a global dialogue." Benjamin Cook, Free Times (Columbia SC), 28 November 2007. "Just thinking out loud here, would Fareed Zakaria do a more effective or less effective job at public diplomacy than Karen Hughes?" Jim Geraghty, National Review Online, 28 November 2007. "If America is great and resolve and will are what can carry us through the war, our self-image sheds any sense of humility or openness. Why bother explaining what you stand for when what you stand for is so incredibly self-evident and obvious? ... Assuredness about virtue is no recipe for public diplomacy." Kevin Mattson, The Guardian's comment is free, 29 November 2007.

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