Alhurra exposes fabrication of Iraqi journalist-in-exile.

Posted: 29 Nov 2007

"The family of an Iraqi journalist - who he claimed had been killed by gunmen in Baghdad - have appeared on Iraqi [sic] television, apparently safe and well. Dia al-Kawwaz, who lives in Jordan, said that several members of his family were killed by Shia gunmen on Sunday. But a taped report on the US-owned al-Hurra TV showed his family, none of whom seemed distressed or injured." BBC News, 28 November 2007. "Mr Kawwaz edits a website that has been critical of the Iraqi government and the US military presence in Iraq." BBC News, 26 November 2007. "Many Jordanian dignitaries attended a wake organised by Kawwaz in Amman on 26 November." Reporters sans frontières, 28 November 2007. Another scoop for Alhurra that happens to support to the U.S. position in Iraq.

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