Proposed new target for U.S. international broadcasting: the U.S.

Posted: 28 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"If the federal government spends billions [sic] on the Voice of America for overseas audiences and on National Public Radio for upscale U.S. listeners, why not fund a 'Radio New America' whose primary focus is to teach English and U.S. customs to new arrivals?" John Fund, Wall Street Journal, 28 November 2007. "With so many new immigrants, illegal or otherwise, in the USA, who need to learn English, why not convert the VOA into another Radio Canada Internal? VOA already has Special English on Greenville 11975 aimed at Africa but plenty strong back here in the heartland, as noted Nov 22 at 1950. This would doubtless give VOA a higher profile inside the country, which is apparently what RCI was looking for. Only a slight change in name would be necessary, Voice of Americans, or Voice of American English." Glenn Hauser, DX Listening Digest, 23 November 2007.