Consolidation of French international broadcasting in Sarkozy's inbox (updated).

Posted: 29 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"A report on the consolidation of French radio and TV stations destined for an international audience is due to be submitted to President Nicolas Sarkozy in the coming days, La Tribune reported. The report by the steering committee ... envisages the creation of a holding company to take care of legal, financial, human resources and distribution activities for Radio France International (RFI) and TV channels France 24 and TV5." Thomson Financial, 28 November 2007. Update: The new holding company would "centralize administration, logistics, sales and broadcasting. ... Combining teams and services across the different broadcasters is also in the pipeline, with for instance the creation of a common 'web newsroom', which France 24 recently positioned itself against. While not considered a total merger, the project goes far down the road of bringing the three entities together." Rapid TV News, 29 November 2007.