In recent description of Radio Canada International, internet gets top billing over shortwave.

Posted: 27 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"As media companies grapple with how to present ... of independently produced material in a more compelling way than a series of haphazard YouTube clips, RCI (the Internet and shortwave-radio sister service of the CBC) has already figured it out. The website ( has links to all 60 English-language short films selected for [its Digital Diversity] competition by a four-person jury, which itself is a highly multicultural mix of filmmakers and media insiders. ... The competition ... taps directly into RCI's function as a beacon for people around the world interested in Canadian news, culture and the possibility of emigrating to Canada. At the same time, it serves RCI's additional purpose in recent years of targeting its programming to immigrants already in Canada." Globe and Mail, 27 November 2007. With RCI's increasing domestic focus, Glenn Hauser has been calling it "Radio Canada Internal," e.g in his DX Listening Digest, 23 November 2007.