Events to mark the 75th anniversary of BBC World Service.

Posted: 23 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
The "dumbing down" of commercial television was discussed in New Delhi, at "one of three debates that the BBC is organising across the globe to commemorate its 75th anniversary; the other two will be recorded later in New York and Cairo. Called 'Free to Speak,' the series will explore censorship, political and economic pressure on media, and the impact of new technologies on access to and dissemination of information." The Hindu, 24 November 2007. "Arnold Wesker has written a new radio play to mark the 75th anniversary of the BBC World Service. ... It tells of a group of strangers drawn into an unlikely friendship over a shared interest in a rocking horse they see while on a bus. ... Wesker, who is 75 years old and who has been writing plays for 50 years, will be interviewed prior to the play’s broadcast on BBC World Service on Saturday December 1." The Stage, 23 November 2007. See also BBCWS 75th anniversary events web page. A conference "to evaluate 75 years of the BBC World Service" will be held 18-19 December at the University of London. I didn't learn about this until after the 5 November deadline, or I might have sent in an abstract.