Ongoing problem: mistaken identities of U.S. international broadcasting (updated).

Posted: 22 Nov 2007

"He would not say how many were arrested but Iraq's al-Hurra television put the number of guards involved at 31." Reuters, 19 November 2007. There is an Iraqi version of Alhurra, but it's a U.S. station. "Radio Sawa, an American station broadcasting in Arabic from Kuwait, reported overnight Sunday that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was scheduled to visit Israel again before the Annapolis conference." Jerusalem Post, 19 November 2007. Radio Sawa's studios are in suburban Washington. Kuwait is the location of one of its medium wave transmitters, likely heard in Israel. Radio Sawa's Cyprus transmitter might also be heard in Israel, as well its FM outlets in Jordan and the West Bank. Update:: At North Carolina Central University conference, deputy chief of mission at the Pakistani embassy in Washington Muhammad Aslam Khan's "invocation of Kashmir erupted into an intense debate between Khan and Asim Chakrabarty, an Indian correspondent for Voice of America, the international wire service of the U.S. government. Chakrabarty dominated much of the day's question-and-answer sessions and also sat on a panel." Independent Weekly (Durham), 21 November 2007.

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