Funding for French domestic and international broadcasters.

Posted: 20 Nov 2007

"French deputies have adopted new credits for media (€512 million in 2008) and public audiovisual (€2.89 billion). ... The 'media' mission budget comprises press funding (€287.8 million), France 24’s budget (€70 million) and those of international TV channel TV5Monde and radio service RFI (€512 million). The budget for public audiovisual notably contributes to financing France Télévisions (€1.9 billion), Radio France (€539 million), Arte-France (€223 million), INA (€83 million), and partly to RFI (€59 million)." Rapid TV News, 20 November 2007. "Radio France" is a domestic public station, whereas Radio France Internationale (RFI) is one of the external broadcasters.

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