State Department team inputs to Arab blogs (updated).

Posted: 22 Nov 2007

"The State Department, departing from traditional public diplomacy techniques, has what it calls a three-person, 'digital outreach team' posting entries in Arabic on 'influential' Arabic blogs to challenge misrepresentations of the United States and promote moderate views among Islamic youths in the hopes of steering them from terrorism. The department's bloggers 'speak the language and idiom of the region, know the culture reference points and are often able to converse informally and frankly, rather than adopt the usually more formal persona of a U.S. government spokesperson.' ... To prove that it, too, can plug into the modern media world, the Pentagon's Central Command has a blogging operation at its headquarters." Washington Post, 19 November 2007. Update: "The government's entry into the blogosphere came with a tacit admission that the PR campaigns of the past six years have been ineffective." Bernd Debusmann, Reuters, 21 November 2007.

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