Aljazeera English soon on a U.S. "platform"? (updated)

Posted: 20 Nov 2007

Sue Phillips, Aljazeera English London bureau chief: "The climate has changed in the US. We’re almost confident in saying we should be on a platform in the States within the next six months. There’s much more of an understanding now about Al Jazeera. The Americans are warming to us." Press Gazette, 19 November 2007. "When I told a friend that the Wall Street Journal labelled Al-Jazeera 'English Terror TV' and that the US had blacked it out and decided not to air it, she stood up to her left-wing credentials by accusing the Wall Street Journal but refused to acknowledge that the US would deliberately suppress information. I decided to rub salt into her wounds anyway by praising Europe, especially the UK, where not only were we free to watch Al-Jazeera, but also France 24, Russia Today, Chinese CCTV and Indian NDTV, not to mention the soon-to-be-launched Iranian Press TV -- all twenty-four hour English news channels, and each with its own perspective. Let’s just say that the conversation did not end too well." Ayesha Ijaz Khan, The News (Karachi), 19 November 2007. "Inside the London bureau, near Hyde Park Corner, strict security reflects the al-Qa'ida fatwah that was issued against the station over its coverage of a recent Osama bin Laden video. There is more than a little irony in this, given the accusations faced by the station – which is banned from Saudi Arabia – from critics who say that it publicises the actions of the terror network." The Independent, 19 November 2007. Update: "Sure, serious reporting from Africa or the Middle East is never going to be as popular as escapist entertainment and fluff news about film stars. But Al Jazeera English would get significant viewership from among the large number of Americans disgusted with the seemingly bottomless dumbing-down of American TV news over the past decade or so." Andrew Stroehlein, Boston Globe, 20 November 2007.

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