CNN expands international newsgathering.

Posted: 15 Nov 2007

"CNN is pumping $10 million into what it claims is the biggest expansion of its international newsgathering activities in 27 years. The newsie is beefing up its number of international news correspondents, bowing a regional news hub in the United Arab Emirates, and investing in a London-based digital production unit. New operations are also planned for Afghanistan, Belgium, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland and Vietnam." Also expansion for CNN en Español. Variety, 14 November 2007. "The Atlanta-based news network – facing stronger international news competition at home from BBC America and even year-old Al Jazeera English – said it also would make major investments in CNN’s International Newsource and CNN’s in-house wire operations." Multichannel News, 14 November 2007. "The announcement comes two months after CNN said it would not renew its contract to receive news from Reuters Group PLC and instead bolster its own news resources." AP, 14 November 2007. "'This is all about owning more content.'" TV Week, 14 November 2007. "CNN plan to expand its online services by creating a digital production unit that will be primarily based in London. The unit will produce and service the growing number of new platforms within CNN. It will work alongside the television operation and will be responsible for providing content for CNN International,, CNNMobile and new CNN services on TV-to-broadband sites." Brand Republic, 14 November 2007. "CNN has announced its first permanent presence in Afghanistan." Press Gazette, 15 November 2007. See also CNN press release, 15 November 2007.

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