Aljazeera English is one year old (updated).

Posted: 16 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"Al Jazeera English marks its first anniversary on November 15 2007. The station is adored by many but abhorred by others. In terms of size and budget compared with CNN and Fox News, many call Al Jazeera a 'little matchbox' but, when it comes to richness of representation, diversity of opinion and plurality of views AJE appears well prepared to take on the corporate news media on its merits." Jim Zackey, Rapid TV News, 15 November 2007. "'We proved the sceptics wrong and created a new channel that is already recognised as one of the major voices in global journalism.'" AME Info, 14 November 2007. Update: "Some US journalists who have actually watched Al Jazeera, rather than just writing about it, have attempted to persuade their readers that it holds nothing to fear." Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands Media Network, 15 November 2007.