Another four million might not even bring change in a fortnight.

Posted: 13 Nov 2007

"Millions of dollars earmarked by the U.S. government to help North Koreans fleeing their impoverished homeland are still tied up by red tape three years after the money was authorized ... Christian Whiton, deputy to the U.S. special envoy on human rights in North Korea ... said Washington has spent about $4 million ramping up its radio broadcasts into North Korea during the past year, as well as sending funds into the country via the United Nations and other aid agencies. ... He said another $4 million was expected to be funneled to broadcasters — such as Radio Free Asia and Voice of America — to help effect change in North Korea, but warned that change would not happen overnight." AP, 13 November 2007. North Koreans take the risk of tuning foreign broadcasts to find what is happening in their own country and abroad. Exhortations of regime change would not correspond with why they are listening, and wouldn't work. See previous post about North Korea.

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