The BBC and what "sets them apart."

Posted: 12 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"BBC management is populated by people who know the trenches too well to get it wrong. 'A major virtue of the BBC leadership is they all know what it is like to be in edit suites, as opposed to the CBC's top executives, who never faced real journalism deadlines in their lives,' said John Owen, a former chief editor of CBC News and now a professor of journalism at City University London. 'But the key, as they go forward, is to stop all the navel-gazing and the intra-BBC warring and really focus on the work of news gathering. They need to remember that what sets them apart from everyone else in the world is that when news happens just about anywhere, they can go to their own person, who has been in the country and knows the story. That is what makes them one of the most distinguished brands in Britain. It is what makes them matter around the world.'" Toronto Star, 11 November 2007.