Weakening the dollar is not a successful public diplomacy measure (updated).

Posted: 19 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"As the U.S. dollar continues its unprecedented tailspin against other major currencies, there would appear to be at least one silver lining for Americans: foreign travelers flooding our shores in search of bargains, right? Wrong. While Americans are still going overseas in droves, undeterred by the prospect of pricier vacations abroad, foreign tourists are also staying away in droves. ... Besides new security measures, other factors contributing to the decline include lengthy and complicated visa requirements, less-than-friendly treatment by customs officials and an overall perception that the United States no longer welcomes foreigners." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10 November 2007. Update: "Read the polls or any travelogue on a British Web site. They are filled with horror stories about the inconvenience and indignity of traveling to America." Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek, 26 November 2007 issue. See previous post about same subject.