Aljazeera analyzed (updated).

Posted: 12 Nov 2007

"Al Jazeera's programming breaks down into roughly four categories: newscasts, which tend to be fairly balanced; talk shows and related programs, to which viewers call in; documentaries; and reports from correspondents in the field. The last category is where the reporting has frequently turned away from international standards of journalism and toward a sensationalistic and Islamist bias." Kristen Gillespie, The Nation, 9 November 2007. Update: "In addition to smearing al-Jazeera Arabic, Gillespie is saying is the Satellite news station is duplicitous, giving English speaking audiences one face while giving Arab speaking audiences another. ... The same criticism was leveled at Dan Rather and other media heroes of the Vietnam War, journalists who braved harsh criticism to expose the ugly, painful and sometime repulsive truth of Vietnam in persistent news reports." Ray Hanania, The American Muslim, 11 November 2007. "The network can be tendentious - Bin Laden's face up there for several minutes - in stomach-turning ways. But, overall, its striving for balanced reporting from a distinct perspective seems genuine. ... Yet, the network has been sidelined in the United States. Jim Moran, a Democratic congressman from Virginia, told me: 'There's definitely an attitude here that these guys are the enemy. But in the Mideast, Asia and Europe they have a credibility the U.S. desperately needs.'" Roger Cohen, International Herald Tribune, 11 November 2007.

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