Arcane methodology shows that pops up a lot on Google News.

Posted: 10 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"The Voice of America's (VOA) main Internet site,, is currently ranked third in the world as both a Number One Source and Home Page Source in Newsknife's ranking of the top 10 news sites for the year so far. Newsknife, a project of the New Zealand software development organization Industry Standard Computing Ltd (ISC), rates news sites on relevance based on analysis of the main Google News site." VOA News Release, 8 November 2007. "Newsknife notes the relevance position of each news site listing on the home page and up to 10 sub-pages deep. We award points on a sliding scale (with some tweaking) to give you a very good picture of how each news site is doing over time compared with its rivals." Newsknife.