The hazards of working for RFE/RL, now and then (updated).

Posted: 16 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"Hajar Smouni, the Paris-based head of the Middle East desk at Reporters Without Borders, says RFE/RL 'is not very talkative about the issue' in part because of pressure from al-Obaidi’s family, who asked that the abduction not be publicized. Smouni did say, however, that an RWB contact in Iraq reported that al-Obaidi’s captors demanded a $100,000 ransom. Smouni did not know if it was paid, and Winter says RFE/RL has a policy of not paying ransoms." The Prague Post, 7 November 2007. See previous post about al-Obaidi. -- "Reporters Without Borders said today that recent developments and statements made it fear that the authorities in Kyrgyzstan lack the will to properly investigate the murder of journalist Alisher Saipov, against whom a campaign of vilification has been launched." Reporters sans frontières, 6 November 2007. "Saipov was a journalist, but he may have been killed for his political activism." Ilan Greenberg, Index on Censorship, 8 November 2007. See previous post about Saipov. -- Historians with the state-run Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania (IICCR) ... accused [former Securitate General Nicolae] Plesita and four Romanian diplomats based in 1981 in the former West German capital Bonn of attempting to murder Romanian oppositional leaders in Western Europe with letter bombs. Two of the bombs exploded, and one of the targets, Nicolae Penescu, who worked with the broadcaster Radio Free Europe, died as a result of the attack." DPA, 7 November 2007. Update: Criminal complaint against former Romanian diplomat Dan Mihoc, "currently general manager of the company representing British Petroleum (BP) in Romania. Mihoc denies any connection with the attacks against Radio Free Europe in 1981. ... Sources say that, more than the sending of explosive packages, Mihoc's role after the failed 1981 attack against Radio Free Europe, was to identify breaches in the radio's security system. On February 21, 1981, a bomb exploded in the Radio Free Europe building in Munich. Although the bomb affected the Czech language offices, the attack was aimed at the Romanian department.", 15 November 2007.