The Karen Hughes post hocs continue.

Posted: 07 Nov 2007

From Hughes interview: "We are in the early years of a long struggle. We didn’t get here quickly. Reactions have been exacerbated by images of war and disagreements about our decision to go into Iraq." Financial Times, 6 November 2007. "How does she explain that, according to at least one international opinion poll, Mr Bush is considered as dangerous as Osama bin Laden? 'It's very hard,' she replies. 'First of all, as someone who's known the president for a long time, that's appalling to me.'" The Independent, 7 November 2007. While the combative Hughes is nobody's candidate to lead a charm school, it's not fair to place the blame for the United States' low standing solely on her shoulders." Editorial, Anniston (Alabama) Star, 7 November 2007. "During the Cold War, we were trying to get information in to people in largely closed societies who were hungry to hear from the outside world. These days, with a few exceptions, there aren't too many people around the world waiting, eager to hear from America. Instead we are competing for attention and credibility in a very crowded and noisy communications environment." Hughes' speech to International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Summit in London, IPRA press release, 6 November 2007. "PRSA applauds the use of public relations strategies that enable our government's leaders to listen, learn and become accurately informed about how diverse citizenries perceive, think, behave and are motivated relative to U.S. actions and diplomatic efforts - and then to shape its own persuasive messages accordingly, with proper consideration to cultural differences and political mindsets, media channel availability, existence or non-existence of a free press, citizen media-use behaviors, and the like. It is PRSA's hope that public relations best practices widely embraced in the private sector will continue to be integrated into our government's strategic communications and reputation management efforts going forward regardless of the political affiliation of future appointments to Ambassador Hughes' position." Public Relations Society of America CEO Rhoda Weiss, PRSA press release, 6 November 2007.

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