Combining the old and new media.

Posted: 06 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
During recent Burma crisis: "For the first time that management-speak phrase 'integrated newsroom' made sense to me. It worked as simply and wonderfully as this: a student with a digital camera points at a parade of monks defying the military. He goes to a computer and downloads the material, which he then emails to BBC online. The material goes from there to BBC World and Domestic bulletins and on to many millions of viewers." Fergal Keane, Index on Censorship, 5 November 2007. "The cosy relationship where aid agencies gave journalists access to disaster zones and victims in return for a namecheck is being torn up. Reporters can get what they need direct from the public. The result: aid agencies are turning their own staff into citizen journalists and filmmakers, in order to get their message across." Glenda Cooper, The Guardian, 5 November 2007.