Broadcasting in and to Africa.

Posted: 02 Nov 2007   Print   Send a link
"International broadcasters and organizations have a broad presence in African broadcasting. Shortwave delivers programs from BBC World Service, Radio France International (RFI), Voice of America (VOA) and others major international broadcasters, many of which also use WorldSpace and other satellite systems. In addition, local partner broadcasters carry a variety of news, information and entertainment programs for Africa from afar. The BBC World Service engages a network of over 100 rebroadcasters supported by new production facilities in Nairobi, Kenya and Abuja, Nigeria. RFI has 93 FM partners in 37 countries. VOA Africa programs are heard on 40 affiliate stations and seven full-time stations. Radio China International’s first overseas FM station was launched in Nairobi, Kenya in 2006. Some African governments have clamped down on foreign broadcasters. Zimbabwe notoriously banned the BBC and its reporters. RFI has frequently run afoul of African dictators in former French colonies. In July Niger banned RFI retransmissions for one month citing 'unbalanced and biased' reporting." Michael Hedges,, 1 November 2007. Excerpted from a very good overview of broadcasting in Africa.