Fading rapidly: IBB transmitting station at Morocco will close (updated).

Posted: 17 Nov 2007

The International Broadcasting Bureau announces that its shortwave relay station at Briech, Morocco, will cease operations in March 2008. Its ten 500-kilowatt transmitters (currently operating at 250 kilowatts) are used for 20 VOA and seven RFE/RL language services. This announcement comes shortly after the 28 October closure of the IBB shortwave transmitting station at Delano, California. See IBB announcements. Update: "'The rising cost of operating the Morocco station prompted this decision.' ... U.S. international broadcasting in Morocco started in 1949 with the Tangier Relay Station. The current facility is 18 miles southwest of Tangier and began broadcasting in 1993. Plans for redeploying the transmitting equipment have not been finalized." Radio World, 16 November 2007.

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