Try putting a foreign investment cap on shortwave radio (updated).

Posted: 01 Nov 2007

India may soon propose cap on foreign investment in satellite radio. "A revenue-share model with the government is also expected. ... At present, Washington DC-headquartered WorldSpace is the only satellite radio operator in India. WorldSpace has been offering its services for over six years in the country." Sify, 29 October 2007. "Forget the measly 0.2 million subscribers that WorldSpace has signed up overseas." The Motley Fool, 30 October 2007. Update: "Natarajan Viswanathan, Managing Director of Hitachi Data Systems (India), is high on technology, making best out of it to keep himself entertained. ...he will soon invest in WorldSpace Radio. 'It offers variety of channels catering to all kinds of genres of music. The only hitch is that I will have to fix an antenna for it at the highest possible point in my office.'" Economic Times, 1 November 2007.

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