On Israeli cable: CNN will be out, Aljazeera will be in, and Fox will become the "voice of America" (updated again).

Posted: 01 Nov 2007

Israel's HOT cable company "is demanding that [CNN International] reduce its prices, while the network, in this case Turner Broadcasting System, says it has reduced it as much as possible. If nothing changes, CNN will disappear from HOT subscribers' television screens on midnight, October 31 when its contract runs out." But France 24, Sky, Fox and BBC World would remain on HOT. Ha'aretz, 23 October 2007. "CNN International has said it will suspend the right of Israel’s Hot Cable Systems Media (HOT) to transmit the channel after the present agreement expires if the two parties cannot reach agreement in their current carriage fee negotiations. Without an agreement, 50% of multichannel homes in Israel could lose CNN as soon as November 1." Broadband TV News, 17 October 2007. New deal "will put Al-Jazeera's English-language offshoot on the air around the time HOT drops CNN." Jerusalem Post, 23 October 2007. "It can also be seen as a reflection of the end of Israel’s love affair with CNN, since the international rollout of Fox News." Broadband TV News, 23 October 2007. "It would be a blow to CNN. In 2006, 69 percent of Israel's 1.968 million households subscribed to satellite or cable television, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, and HOT is by far the dominant player in the market." Cox News Service, 23 October 2007. "Frankly, when I compare CNN with other news networks, I’ve got to say that CNN isn’t exactly of a mindboggling quality. When I first started watching CNN International - when I was 14 years old or so - I had expected much more." The Van der Galiën Gazette, 23 October 2007. "For many years Israel has felt aggrieved at what it perceives as CNN's unfair reporting. But compared to Al-Jazeera, CNN is a bastion of all that is fine and noble in the world of TV news." Freda Keet, letter to Jerusalem Post, 25 October 2007. "What's replayed before us in the CNN sequel is the continued dilution of programming packages, capricious cancellations and bogus substitutions." Editorial, Jerusalem Post, 24 October 2007. Many Israelis used to get their U.S. news from VOA on 1260 kHz medium wave via Rhodes, Greece -- but that relay has been decommissioned by the BBG. "Calling the issue a 'public matter,' the Knesset Economics Committee summoned representatives of HOT Television and CNN to a special committee session on Monday in a last ditch effort to prevent HOT from dropping broadcasts of the international news channel." Jerusalem Post, 30 October 2007. "CNN International is far more generous to its correspondents, when it comes time for substantive reporting, than CNN's fluffier domestic variant." Pierre Tristam,, 23 October 2007. Update: "Hot Cable Systems Media Ltd. (HOT) today announced that it was dropping CNN from its program schedule, belying earlier reports that it would delay the move pending further negotiations with CNN owner Turner Broadcasting Service Inc." Globes, 1 November 2007.

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