Brookings piece calls for more DOS control over BBG

Posted: 10 Jun 2018

"as a result of the dissolution of [USIA] in 1998, State now leads U.S. public diplomacy efforts. … That leadership position would be further strengthened by increasing State‚Äôs control over the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)"

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) June 9, 2018

Kim: Except that the BBG is soon to be relegated to an advisory role, with real power in the presidentially appointed CEO of the BBG. Thus State is sidelined and control over US international broadcasting will come from the White House, which, for now, includes Bolton.

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) June 9, 2018

Kim: And if an audience is desired, that audience is seeking news that is more credible than their state-controlled domestic media. Credibility is achieved by way of independence. Neither State nor White House "control" will be helpful.

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) June 9, 2018

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