Cambodia, RFI, RFA, and VOA

Posted: 14 Feb 2018

From RSF Cambodia report: "Radio France Internationale (RFI) has so far been spared from the radio station carnage. … 'Every story must be refereed with enormous precision in order to balance the ruling party’s views with those of the opposition.'"

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) February 13, 2018

"The ongoing imprisonment of two former RFA reporters held for 3 months on charges of 'espionage' is 'unjustified' and in violation of Cambodia’s constitutional right to freedom of expression, a consortium of journalist organizations said Tuesday …"

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) February 14, 2018

Cambodia's "Council of Ministers released a no-holds-barred book about its efforts to root out a purported foreign-backed 'colour revolution' [and] also criticises media outlets Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Voice of Democracy and Beehive Radio"

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) February 14, 2018

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