AM transmitters on the Middle East that might be missed

Posted: 14 Feb 2018

"There are days when we have done a Trump story which we didn’t need to; the right thing to do there is hold ourselves back and focus on more important stories."

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) February 14, 2018

Yes. And when the internet is blocked, those AM transmitters can send content across national boundaries. They can be jammed, but this is expensive and difficult and not always successful.

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) February 14, 2018

Just finished reading Singer & Cole's novel "Ghost Fleet" from the USMC Commandant's reading list. It is an excellent wargame as to why digital-only is going to bite us in the butt some day soon.

— Stephen Michael Kellat (@smkellat) February 14, 2018

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