Hun Sen is fan of Trump's fake news awards

Posted: 23 Jan 2018

Cambodian PM Hun Sen: "I think Donald Trump is right for creating an award for fake news, which was announced several days ago. Even in the US, there are such kinds of journalists until the president created the fake news awards."

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) January 23, 2018

Cambodia's PM "Hun Sen met with members of the press yesterday, not shying away from classifying some journalists and media outlets as extortionists and tax evaders, while applauding US President Donald Trump’s efforts to go after so-called fake news."

— Kim Andrew Elliott (@kaedotcom) January 22, 2018

Fascinating and important read. Governments across Southeast Asia are using social media to push their own repressive narratives, while shutting down their opponents’ ability to mount a counter argument on the same platforms.

— Aaron Connelly (@ConnellyAL) January 21, 2018

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